Solutions for a small planet. We make it a priority to offer flexible services to accommodate your needs Wherever you go, our network follows. Your digital security and mobility shouldn't be complicated. We'll make sure your connected life is hassle free. We provide Comprehensive and Robust services to fit your life Technology should make your life easier and managing it should be even simpler. Pawlicki Global will bring the future to you today, and make it easier than making a cup of coffee.

On Call, anytime, anywhere!

A VIP service provider catering to you

Pawlicki Global partners with many different organizations to ensure you have the best service when you ask for assistance the first time. No waiting in lines and no waiting on hold. You call, we answer. It’s that simple.


You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

We are a full XaaS IT Service Provider. That means we can and will support anything and everything you request of us. We have many partners who we work with across the globe to ensure our clients have the best and most accessible systems and services possible.

Yes! We support and can provide all mobile, desktop, laptop and server platforms. We have highly skilled and industry certified technicians and contacts directly within the biggest tech organizations. All are standing by to assist you and provide you with the most knowledgeable and capable service.

You can fill in your details in the Contact Us section below. An account executive will reach out to you as soon as possible to get you started.

Unmatched ROI

Our systems and services are all Enterprise Grade with high end consumer price points. You get the best of the best without emptying your pockets.

DoD Certified Protection

Relax in confidence that your systems and data will have the latest and most comprehensive Military Grade and Certified firewalls and protection


Next-generation rock-solid Voice Over IP systems brings the best of communications to your doorstep. Features include clearer audio, our automated robocall blocker, and more.

Custom Built for You

All our systems and services are custom designed and deployed for you. We are not a geek quad or a luxury retailer. We are a White-Glove IT Service Provider catering directly to you.

Mobility Focused

The world gets smaller by the day and traveling is easier than ever. Our systems and services are designed to be just as stable and secure on the go as they are when you are home.

Global Omnipresent Support

Have a question? Have an Issue? Over 100,000 IT Professionals are standing by to assist you via Pawlicki Global's partnership with AskITSC.

Connected, anytime, anywhere!

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